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Ornamental cabbage: decorative in winter

Ornamental cabbage is a very decorative plant whose foliage, erect or spread, curly or smooth, offers many colors.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Brassica oleracea
Family : Brassicaceae
Type : Annual

: 30 to 40 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Cool, humid

: Persistent -Flowering : Autumn Spring

Care, from sowing or planting to flowering, of ornamental cabbage is very easy.

Planting ornamental cabbage

Ornamental cabbage is planted directly in the ground if purchased in a container, but can also be sown in the spring.

Sow at the end of spring in the nursery and transplant directly into the soil about 1 month after sowing.

  • The establishment usually takes place in the spring, after the last frosts.
  • Insert the collar well because the head of ornamental cabbage becomes heavy

It is also possible to sow directly in the ground after any risk of frost, around May-June.

  • Ornamental cabbage likes rather rich and relatively cool soils
  • Avoid flooded land in winter
  • Good sunshine is preferable even if it tolerates partial shade
  • Space the plants at least 50 cm apart

the potted ornamental cabbage is ideal, whether in a container, a pot or a planter. In this case, it will adorn terraces and balconies in all regions.

Caring for decorative cabbage

Both hardy and resistant to most diseases, ornamental cabbage requires little maintenance in winter.

Decorative cabbage fears flooded land.

In pots, watering ornamental cabbage may be necessary if it is not raining or if your cabbage is sheltered.

All you need to know about ornamental cabbage

Ornamental cabbage has the particularity of giving a lot of colors, red, yellow, green to your garden, especially when it is lacking in winter and autumn.

Astonishing and colorful, it will adorn your borders, your pots or your flower beds. For use in a bouquet, choose varieties with a long stem.

Finally, you will notice that the frosts will do nothing, the ornamental cabbage will always remain beautiful and even brighter when the thermometer drops below 0 °.

Smart tip

Space your plants 50 to 60 cm apart, because ornamental cabbage has very large leaves!

Photo © leomalsam

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