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Jerusalem artichoke: a carefree vegetable

To combine the beautiful and the good, plant Jerusalem artichokes! In October, you will enjoy their lush vegetation; throughout the winter, you can eat their tubers. Vegetable garden: cultivate Jerusalem artichoke properly Cooking: recipes with Jerusalem artichoke Health: health benefits and virtues of Jerusalem artichoke, for the record Considered post-war as a rationing food, Jerusalem artichoke has long been a forgotten part of our diet.
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Trees and shrubs

Black elderberry: well known for its fruits

Elderberry is a beautiful flowering shrub, renowned for its edible fruits which also delight birds.In summary, what you need to know: Name: Sambucus nigraFamily: AdoxaceaeType: ShrubHeight: 2 to 3 mExposition: Sunny or mid shade Soil: Indifferent Foliage: Deciduous - Flowering: June to July - Elder harvest: August to September Elder tree planting Elderberry can be planted either in the fall or in the spring.
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The designer of the charterhouse

HomeJM TVThe designer of the ChartreuseIn Paunat, in the Dordogne, Bernard Hautefort expresses his passion as a designer of plants in his estate of the Chartreuse du Colombier.A question? Ask an expertIn one clickPrivate sales Jardiner Malin up to -65, be Alerted! Live from the forumOn the same topicStephanotis, also known as Madagascar jasmine, is a stunning houseplant that blooms all summer.
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Semi-cooked foie gras recipe

Foie gras is an exceptional product that is never as good as when it is half-cooked. This cooking makes the foie gras tender, tasty and fragrant.It is preferable to make its homemade semi-cooked foie gras 3 or 4 days before serving it, it will be better and even better.Ingredients for 6 people: 1 duck foie gras approx. 500 g 7 to 8 g salt 2 g white pepper 1 to 2 pinches of 4 spices Discover: all our foie gras-based recipes Semi-cooked foie gras recipe Start by deveining the liver or buying a foie gras already deveined.
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Food recipes

Quail with white grapes

Light and fruity, the quail with raisins recipe is both simple to make and deliciously tasty.Ingredients for 4 people: 4 nice quails4 slices of bacon400 g white grapes1 glass of dry white wine1 shallot20 g butter1 sprig of thyme1 tsp of honey, pepper The syrupy cooking juice and barely candied fruit make this recipe very delicious!
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Plants and Health

The small white onion in the kitchen: health benefits

The season for fresh white onions is April through July. Soft and crunchy, it spices up your salads and salad-based recipes. Its nutritional virtues are numerous: rich in phosphorus, calcium and selenium, vitamin C, anti cancer, hypoglycaemic, anti thrombosis, protector for the arteries ... To read also: Growing well onion An onion, but sweet and fresh!
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